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Full Diamond 41 mm Rolex DeteJust Jubilee

    Case Material     41 mm 
    Model     Full Diamond; VS 
    Dial     Blue Arabic
    Bracelet     Jubilee 
    Material     Stainless Steel 
    Number     972189PO
    Condition     Excellent; Custom 
    Box     Yes 
    Authentication Papers     Yes 

A Full Diamond 41mm Rolex Datejust with a Jubilee bracelet is an extravagant and opulent timepiece that exemplifies luxury and sophistication.

This Full Diamond 41mm Rolex is a statement piece, representing the epitome of luxury watchmaking. It is a dazzling accessory that not only serves as a reliable timekeeper but also as a symbol of status and elegance. Whether worn for special occasions or as a daily indulgence, this timepiece is sure to captivate with its extraordinary craftsmanship and unparalleled beauty.

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