Shyne Jewelers™

Custom Bilevel Two-Tone Diamond Pendant with Music Note Bail

    Gold Karat      14k 
    Carat Weight      9.30 ctw
    Width      2,5 inches
    Height      2 inches
    Diamond Clarity      VS
    Gram Weight      52 grams 

A personalized and unique piece that harmoniously blends elegant design with a passion for music. This custom pendant is a celebration of individuality, allowing you to express your love for music and style in a truly distinctive way.

The pendant is fully customizable, as well as the bail. Put the desired word, name, and bail design in the "Notes" section to your order. 

As a custom piece, you have the freedom to choose the specific details that resonate with you. Whether you prefer a particular diamond cut, metal combination, or have a specific vision for the bail, our skilled craftsmen will bring your ideas to life, creating a pendant that is as unique as your musical tastes.

Whether it's a gift or a meaningful piece for yourself, the Custom Bilevel Two-Tone Diamond Pendant is a wearable masterpiece that beautifully blends artistry and personal expression.

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