Hamsa Symbol Meaning and History | Shyne Jewelers

Nov 9th 2015


The Hamsa symbol can be seen in homes and places of business around the world, but what does it really mean? While it's origins are highly debated, the Hamsa is an amulet (an ornament or piece of jewelry thought to provide protection) popularly used in Jewish and Middle Eastern jewelry. Hamsas are believed to protect against the Evil Eye and also represent blessings, power, and strength

The Hamsa is a hand shaped symbol consisting of three extended fingers, and always contain a symmetrical thumb and pinky. Hamsas may also contain an eye displayed in the center, another powerful symbol thought to bring good luck or possible protection from evil to the possessor.  

Many people choose to wear a Hamsa in the form of a pendant, but Hamsas can also be found in the home as an ornament or decorative piece. 

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